Spring Forest

ForestSnap! A twig breaks under my foot creating a loud crack sending a small group of rabbits running in all directions, I shifted my grip on my sturdy wooden bow loading it with a sharp bronze tipped arrow with dark green and red feathers. I slowly advanced through the thick wood like a leopard unseen by any alert animal, my leaf-like clothing help with the camouflage, letting me glide through the forest without any stir. As I venture farther into the forest I stop at a glassy brook to refresh myself with its cool, clear water. After I’ve washed my hands I sit down leaning against a nearby tree with my bow and quiver at my side. I threw a few stones into the running water watching the rocks slowly sink to the bottom. Then I pulled out some string from my leather pack and tied it to a long stick and fastened a curved hook to the end of the string making a handmade fishing rod. Finally I cast it into the running stream, eased myself against the tree, and closed my eyes taking in the warm spring day.

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