I stood there surrounded by five dark figures with their long sharp swords forged by dark magical metal drawn. I drew my sword from it’s brown leather scabbard and positioned it in front of me. The figures stepped out of the darkness. I could make out details of their clothing and how they looked,they wore strong iron amour scratched and worn with  dark black cloaks upon their shoulders draping down their hunched backs,their faces were dark, their eyes were unemotional. Suddenly the larger figure swung his massive sword upon me, I lifted my blade above me to block the warriors deadly weapon, but the force of his sword clanging to mine knocked me to the ground, all the figures rushed upon me slashing and stabbing their swords, I lifted my shield as their swords hammered upon it. One of the dark figures thrust through my shield and pierced my arm, I yelled in pain and started slashing my sword at their legs, they all jumped back the one figure leaving the blade in the shield, I quickly got up and painfully pulled out the sword from the shield. I charged at two warriors that were standing one in  front of the other and drove the dark sword through both of them and pinned them to a nearby tree, then I pulled out a long shiny dagger and threw it in the direction of a dark warrior and pierced it perfectly in the chest, I grabbed my bow off my shoulders and shot down three figures, then I grabbed my sword and spun around cleaving the last dark warrior.

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