The Prairie

The wind slowly glides over the prairie like an eagle on big broad wings causing the grass to bend in the breeze. A distant tree stands in the wind waving its towering branches in the air letting the bright orange leaves fall to the ground. A wide eyed owlet perches in the tree blinking its beady eyes waiting for the arrival of its mother. Far in the distance a forest looms large weaving across the land while a bald eagle flies over the grassland scanning the ground with its sharp eyes, it dives and comes back up with a small mouse in its mighty talons. Nearby a herd of white tailed deer graze munching on the grass. In a far away flower field a young child picks flowers and smells them as she goes, a voice calls the child’s name from a nearby house, the girls picks one more flower and runs toward the house. The house is small and quaint with faded and peeling paint, the door is old and frail making a loud squeak as the girl enters the house, it slowly closes on brass hinges clicking itself shut. The deck was small with a large bench and a rocking chair that had a small wooden table in the middle. Up on the roof the loose cedar shingles like a broken puzzle overlap each other ready to keep the forthcoming rain from leaking into the house. Up High in the sky the clouds begin to darken, just then a clap of thunder fills the air with a follow of rain starting out as a soft shower but gradually coming to a downpour. In the window of the house is the face of the little girl staring out into the rain watching the drops trickle down the window.

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