That Friday

One Friday morning Tristan is asleep in his bed when his alarm clock rings. Tristan wipes his rough chestnut brown hair from his dark green eyes and lazely squints at the time, it’s 8:40! he was late for the bus. With the speed of lightning Tristan managed to get dressed, do his hair, grab his backpack, and run outside. The bus was just leaving so with a massive jump Tristan performed a side flip over the deck railing landing feet first on the soft grassy soil and ran to the bus.

After arriving at the school Tristan rushes to his classroom where the whole class was reading. Tristan swiftly walks across the classroom to his desk and slowly sat down, he pulled out the a book and began to read. The rest of the day went like any other school day would, English Language Arts until recess, then French, then Math, and so on.

After awhile the bell rang to end school.

Tristan was packing up his backpack when one of friends Clayton walked up to him,”Hey Trist” said Clayton.

“Hey man what’s up” answered Tristan.

“Well I was just wondering if you wanted to come to the hockey game with me tonight”? Replied Clayton.”It’s the Penguins Versus the Red Wings”.

”Sorry dude, I still have to mop the washroom floors for doing something I didn’t do” said Tristan in a disappointed voice.

“you mean when someone glued the teacher drawer shut”?Clayton asked.

”Yeah”replied Tristan.

“Why don’t you tell the teacher you didn’t do it”? Said Clayton.

“I did” answered Tristan “she didn’t believe me”

”Oh… well that sucks” said Clayton sympathetically.

“Yeah it does”replied Tristan.

“Well at least it’s temporary” encouraged Clayton

“I guess so” agreed Tristan

“yeah well anyways guess I better get going” Clayton said.

“OK see ya” replied Tristan in more  of a happier voice.

“Bye” came Clayton reply, with that Clayton picked up his backpack and walked away.

Later Tristan was mopping the floors of the boys washroom. He was mopping one of the stalls when there was a loud “BOOM” which made the whole school shake, it shook so much that Tristan lost his balance and fell in the toilet, then the lights went out. Tristan pulled himself out of the toilet (not wet) and started feeling his way through the washroom, as he was walking he tripped over the water bucket and fell flat on the floor. Tristan felt for his backpack.  after a moment his hand hit something it was his backpack. He reached inside and grabbed his flashlight, Tristan probed the flashlight searching for the “ON” switch. With a click the switch a beam of light shown through the room. The young teen made his way through the room to the door, he grabbed the door handle and pulled it open. Tristan stepped out of the washroom and examined the dark library cautiously walking to the storage room. As he walked up to the door he noticed that it was wide open! “What in the world” thought Tristan as he carefully walked into the stuffy room. Tristan shone the flashlight towards the breaker box to find the box door was open too. Just as Tristan was reaching for the switch a pair of eyes appeared in front of him from the darkness.

To be continued…

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