That Friday, part 2 (continued from That Friday)

Just as Tristan was reaching for the switch a pair of eyes appeared in front of him from the darkness. Tristan screamed like a five year old girl and jumped three feet into the air. falling onto the shelves then onto the floor. At that moment there was a click and all the lights flickered on which revealed a tall brown-blonde haired girl with familiar look of confusion on her face.

”Lesley, what are you doing here”? Tristan demanded relieved.

”I was working on my my art project” replied Lesley helping Tristan to his feet,”then there was a loud bang and the lights went out”Lesley continued.

“Yeah I heard that too…it was hard not to” said Tristan.

“I know” agreed Lesley “what do you think it was”?

“Well I know the sound came from outside” Tristan said.

“Ok” Lesley slowly answered.

“so let’s go see what it was”said Tristan

“Are you sure”?asked Lesley.

“Of course I’m sure just come on it’ll be fine” replied Tristan walking to the boot room with Lesley hesitantly following.

Tristan turned on the outdoor light, slowly opened the door, and looked out. Tristan eyes grew large because sitting in front of the school half buried in the ground was a large stone with steam rising from its rocky surface and a light purple glow coming from it’s rough cracks.

”what is it” Whispered Lesley over Tristan’s shoulder.

”it looks like some sort of space rock” Tristan answered examining the rock with his fingers.

“should we the principal next week”? questioned Lesley.

”NO” replied Tristan”let’s bring it to my house so we can study it more”.

I’m not so sure about that” said Lesley uneasy.

“oh c’mon” Tristan coaxed”it’ll be easy”.

“Ok” Lesley slowly replied”alright”.

“Now get the wagon over in the shed and bring it back here”, commanded Tristan “and help me lift the rock onto it”.

Lesley obediently walked over to the shed were the wagon was stored but was met by a horrifying surprise,”Tristan the shed is on fire”! Screamed Lesley running back to were Tristan was.Tristan looked up just as Lesley grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the were the shed sat with flames leaping from the door and slowly spreading onto the school.

“look” cried Tristan frantically “the propane tank is on fire , it’s gonna…”at that moment the tank exploded with a huge BOOM sending the two kids flying across the parking lot landing on the hard pavement, the side of the school blew up with chunks of debris flying all over the place, suddenly the force of the explosion caused the fire hydrant to blow up sending water everywhere soaking the two kids and the fire. Just then the sound of sirens filled the air, a large fire truck screeched to a stop in front of the school with firemen pouring out of the truck. Tristan and Lesley stared in amazement as the firefighters soaked the water at the blazing fire. All of a sudden two large hands grabbed the two kids and jerked them to their feet.

“what the heck did you kids do”? said a deep rough voice which belonged to Lesley’s father.

“dad we didn’t do it” cried Lesley wriggling from her father’s grip.

“than who did it”? Lesley’s father gruffly asked.

“we don’t know” answerd Tristan “All we know it was not us”.

“hmph” came the old man’s reply. There was a long pause of silence for Lesley and Tristan knew that the force of the meteor had caused the fire. Just then Lesley’s father broke the silence “we should get home Lesley your mother is going to be worried”.

“but what about Tristan”? Lesley asked pointing in Tristan’s direction.

“Where does he live” asked lesley’s father turning to Tristan.

“not far from here” answered Tristan.

“OK” Lesley’s father slowly answered “come along”.

The two friends slowly followed the gruff man to where a old worn down car sat.

“get inside” said Lesley’s father opening the the car door. after the kids climbed into the vehicle Lesley’s father closed the door, opened the door to the driver’s seat and climbed in. the front door shut and the car’s engine started up. The old car slowly pulled forward. Tristan and Lesley gazed out the window staring at the extinguished fire thinking about the space rock that had crashed in the school yard.

The End.

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