Pompeii The Great Roman City (part 1)

It was a bright and sunny morning in the great Roman city Pompeii where I lived, the streets were crowded with people buying goods from the market to kids playing in the streets. The city sat at the foot of a large mountain called Mt. Vesuvius which towered high into the sky. Many people admired the great mountain, some people even worshipped it which a think in my opinion is just strange, but one day something happened which changed the world.

I was young when this happened around thirteen or fourteen years old. it was a bright and sunny morning in pompeii when I lazily woke up from my bed, I could see that the city was already alive with people working in gardens and some men in the courtyard with my dad tossing a ball to each other. I walked into the vacant kitchen to see the slaves making breakfast,

“Hi Clodius,” I say to the tall lanky slave

“Hi Deis, how are you this fine morning?” answered Clodius

“Pretty good,” I replied swiping an apple from a small woven basket “just going to go play outside,”

“Well, you have fun,” said Clodius with a wink

“I will,” I smiled back taking a bite into the crisp shiny apple and stepping out the door into the warm summer day.

I quietly closed the door behind me and began to walk down the rocky walkway down to the garden where my friend Simion was already waiting for me.

“It’s about time you’ve come,” he said waving to me “what took so long?”

“I didn’t take that long,” I bluntly reply sitting myself beside Simion

“Well long enough to keep me waiting,” Simion answered jokingly

“Yeah sure,” I say sarcastically headlocking Simion and tackling him to the ground.

“Hey stop,” laughed Simion as he struggled to get up.

After a minute I loosened my grip on Simion and helped him to his feet,

“Your quite the character, Deis,”said Simion

“I know”I smirked back giving him a sly look.

“Oh Deis,”snickered Simion “how did we become friends,”.

I laugh and look at Simion my best friend who is happily sitting on a rock, I noticed he’s looking at me strangely as if he’s trying not to laugh, my expression changes to more of a confused look

“Why are looking at me like that,” I ask beginning to get nervous

“looking at you like what?” said Simion smiling mischievously looking at me as if he’s looking right through me

“Simion what’s going on?” I say turning around to look behind me

Just then something jolted me causing me to jump and fall to the ground. I quickly look behind me to see Simion’s sister Antonia laughing like the funniest thing had just happened.

“Deis that was so funny,” laughed Antonia “you were so scared,”

“No I wasn’t,” I quickly answer.

“Yes, you were,” said Simion.

“No,” I repeated though on the inside I knew I got scared, actually I was scared to death but I don’t want to admit that a girl had scared me, especially Simion’s sister.

“No,” I wasn’t scared,” I say again trying to keep a straight face

“Of course you weren’t,” said Antonia sarcastically stretching out her hand to help me up.

“I can get up myself,” I say pushing Antonia’s hand away

“Okay,” she smiled taking a step back.

I slowly pull myself to my feet and dust myself off,

“Why are you even here in the first place,?” I ask looking at Antonia

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” Antonia said “the market is today and there’s so many cool stuff that’s going on in the town square,”

“Awesome we should go,” exclaimed Simion “you wanna come Deis,”?

“You bet I do,” I said making a run for it down the street with Simion and Antonia not far behind.

After we arrived, the town square is full of people, rolling carts and the sounds of noisy animals and talking people all mixed up creating a loud humming sound

“Wow, look at these cool clay pots,” admired Simion picking up one of the unique shaped jars.

“Yeah I have to say that it actually does look pretty cool,” I say feeling the fine engraving in the delicate clay. we stand there while admiring the jars claiming which one we like best and talking about what we could possibly use them for. “Maybe we could use this one for storing water in,” I say pointing out one of the jars

“Yeah I like the way the spout spirals down like that,” Simion agrees.

After retiring from the jars we move to where Antonia is looking at the delicious food lined up in rows on large wooden carts

“Mmmm don’t these pastries smell great,” Antonia said

“They sure do,” agreed Simion breathing through his nose sniffing the sweet smelling dough

“I’m going to buy one,” said Antonia handing the baker a hand full of coins

“Thank you young lady” thanked the man handing Antonia a pastry in return

“MmmMmm,” exliamed Antonia taking a bite into the pastry

“Aww,” I say disappointed wishing I could eat that pastry

“too bad you guys don’t have any money,” taunted Antonia taking another bite “they are really good,”

“Can you lend us some of your money?” Simion asked his sister.

“Why?” questioned Antonia

“Pleeeeeease,” both Simion and I said in unison.

“Fine just a little bit,” answered Antonia dropping a few coins into Simion’s hand

“Thanks sis I’ll be sure to pay you back” Simion reassured

“Anytime,” returned Antonia turning around and walking away

“Alright,” I exclaim “what should we buy,”?

“Pastries dude we gotta buy some,” Simion excitedly replied

“Let’s do it then,” I say slapping him on the back.

After we have purchased are pastries we climb onto the roof of the Bakery to eat our pastries and to talk about our lives.

“Hey Deis do you remember when we went swimming in the ocean,”? Simion asked taking a bite of his pastry

“Yeah I remember,” I say “that was fun,”

“Yeah and you thought Antonia was a shark,” laughed Simion

“that was funny,” I agree laughing along with Simion.

Life was great hanging out with Simion, it’s when I got to share my feelings with him and not worry about bothered by Antonia

Just then there was a loud “BOOM” which came from the the top the mountain. We quickly look up shocked by the sound to see a large cloud of fire slowly growing bigger.

“Ouch,” I yell as a small hot rock hit me burning my skin

“What happened,”? asked Simion looking at me

“I don’t know,” I say

People are screaming now running through the streets, Simion  and I have climbed down from the roof, the cloud of fire has turned grey, the air now smells of smoke and hot pebbles are beginning to pour from the sky.

“What’s happening,” I yell covering myself with a basket lid

“Oh no,” said Simion seeming to ignore me, in a split second Simion is running down the street yelling someone’s name, I can’t make out the word but I know Simion is scared. I start running after Simion when I notice that my family would be worried to death about me so I switch my route towards my house. My house is coming into view, I suddenly see a huge flow of lava flowing down the side of the mountain towards my house.

“Mom, Dad,” I yell running towards the house as fast as I could go. but it was too late the lava hits the house with a force that caused the house to collapse and get buried on hot ash and lava. I watch in terror as the house crumbled in front of me with tears welling up from my wet eyes

“Nooooooo,” I scream falling to my knees and burying my face in my hands.

to be continued.

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