Pompeii The Great Roman City (part 2)

I sit there sobbing for a short period of time,for I know I’m not safe where I am.

Suddenly the ground  begins to vibrate, the fiery mountain begins to rumble, I look up and see molten lava making its way towards me. I quickly get up, take a last look on my demolished home, and start running down the rocky street. The sky is now dark, the whole city is lit up with flames, lava is flowing down the mountain crushing every structure in it’s way, and there is small bits of ash falling from the sky. I stop in what seems to be the town square, I look around frantically looking for a way out of the crumbling city. I’m lost and confused, all of hope seems to be lost, I’m dizzy and I feel like I’m going to fall to the ground. Just then I see a figure staggering out of the great temple then another figure,

“Simion… Antonia,” I yell running with all my might towards them

“Simion,” I repeat once I’ve made my place beside him

Simion looks up at me, then his face lit up with happiness and relief, but then his face became serious.

“Deis we have to get out of here,” Simion said to me.

“Yes I know,” I answer back “do you know the way out?”

“Of course I do,” replied Simion grabbing Antonia’s wrist “I know every corner of this city,”

“Well then let’s go,” I say.

“Yes, follow me,” Simion ordered as he ran past me.

I start running after Simion with a new sense of confidence but thoughts are racing around in my mind making me begin to stumble.

“Come on Deis we’re almost there,” cried Simion grabbing hold of my arm pulling me along with him as he ran. My legs are weak and I’m trying to keep moving, I look ahead to see the city gate. Adrenaline shoots through me, I jerk my arm from Simion’s grip and start running for the gate. Just then I hear a scream, I looked behind me to see Simon helping his sister Antonia to her feet.

“What happened,” I ask running up to Simion

“Antonia tripped and hurt her ankle,” replied Simion

“Can she walk,” I say looking to Antonia

“I think so,” sniffed Antonia wiping a tear from her face

“Ok let’s…,” I pause frozen with fear looking behind Simion and Antonia.

“What are you looking at,” said Simion looking behind himself just to see a huge wall of lava flowing straight towards us.

“RUN,” I yell shaking myself from the paralyzed state I was in and start running with all my might towards the gate with Simion and Antonia not far behind.

I look to my right to see another Wall of lava then another on my left. it occurs to me that we are completely surrounded by hot flowing lava slowly closing in on us and trapping every chance to escape, except for the city gate standing only paces ahead of me.

“Hurry we’re almost there,” I yell behind me keeping my eye on the gate running at a smooth and steady pace. I stop at the gate and look behind me to see Simion and Antonia hobbling as fast as they could go towards me.

“Come on just a little further,” I call to them beginning to get frantic

I quickly look to my left, then to my right, the lava is closing in fast and I don’t know if they can make it on time. Then I did something every good friend should do in a time like this, I ran as fast as I could down the street to where my friend Simion was doing his best to keep his sister Antonia moving.

“Simion,” I order “lift Antonia onto my back,”.

Simion looked hesitant, “Are you sure you can do it?” he asked

“Just do it,” I yell getting desperate.

“No I can walk on my own,” said Antonia running towards the gate with a speed that I’ve never seen a girl do.

“Okay then,” I say in surprise.

“Let’s, go,” cried Simion giving me a small push to get me going. We run to the gate and jump through just before the lava covered the exit.

“We made it,” yelled Antonia in excitement jumping into the air and looking at the fallen city.

“We made it,” I repeat to myself in awe knowing that this city which was the city that I lived in is now in ruins, and knowing that I survived with my friends is unforgettable.

“This city was Pompeii, The Great Roman City,” I say out loud.


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