The Chase (a superhero story)

“Woohoo, I finally performed my triple gainer,” I shout triumphantly punching the air and pulling off a few dance moves I made up.

“I`ve been working on that trick for a long time,” I say to myself.

I sigh and look down at the city from high up on a tall skyscraper taking the breathtaking view, full of tall buildings and winding streets. My bright yellow supersuit reflects in the sunlight as I stand on the skyscraper. Just then the sounds of sirens fill the air. I look below me to a police car chasing a dark black sports car. I adjust my grapple packs which are strapped to my wrists, and with a great jump I`m rapidly diving down the side of the building with the distance between me and the ground closing fast. With the speed of lightning I shoot a grapple hook from my grapple pack, hooking it onto a street lamp. I swing low to the ground and launch myself into the air. I start swinging through the city following the intense blare of the sirens and squeal of the tires, which echoed through the city.

My mind is racing, I can feel the adrenaline course through me as I launch myself onto a building, and jump from one structure to another. I’m now running on a stretch of small grocery shops and stores, jumping over chimneys and sliding across skylights. I can see the sportscar is below me to my left, speeding through stop lights and dodging oncoming traffic, with the police car not far behind. I quickly look forward to see that the stretch of shops has come to a stop. I try to stop myself but I end up flying off the edge of the Rexall drug store. Miraculously enough, I land smack dab on top of the speeding sports car.

“Holy” I exclaim as I brace myself.

I look behind to see the police car not too far behind.

“Ok” I say slowly concentrating my thoughts on what I should do next.

My eyes quickly scan the area looking for a way to stop the car. Just then I thought of a reckless idea that should put the black sports car to a definite stop. I glance around me then jump off the speeding sports car and swing a great distance ahead of the chase. I land superhero style on the sidewalk, get into position, and wait for the moment to launch into action. The car chase is coming fast. I ready my grapple pack, aiming it at the black sports car. Right when the sports car zooms past me I shoot my grapple hook, latching it to the rear bumper. Thoughts are racing through my mind as I watch the rope tighten.

“Is this going to work, what will happen if this doesn’t work, oh crap I regret this”.

Right then I go flying forward like I’ve been launched out of a large slingshot, and end up getting violently dragged behind the speeding sports car.

“Whoops.. I didn’t fully think that one through” I say to myself.

I look behind me at the pursuing police car, I can see the dazed faces of police probably thinking on how much of an idiot I was trying to stop a speeding car with my bare hands. Just then another plan pops into my head. Still dragging behind, I start retracting my grapple pack letting it slowly pull me towards the sports car.

“Good thing my supersuit is indestructible” I laugh “ if it  wasn’t I’d be getting extreme road rash”.

After I finally made it to the car, I grab hold of the back bumper, and pull myself underneath.

“I hope this works” I say, placing my feet onto where the rear left tire connect to the car. Right then I started pushing as hard as I could attempting to dislodge the tire. The whole sports car started to shake and make a terrible screeching sound. Just then the tire of the car flew off, rim and all causing the car to tip to the left and slide out of control. I quickly dig my feet into the ground, and with a mighty heave I send the  black sports car flying into the air and crash land on the ground tires facing up.

“Take a load of that” I huff standing up and running my finger through my long brown hair.

At that moment police cars arrive at the scene. Cops are jumping out of their vehicles and dragging the criminals out of the crashed and overturned car.

“Thank you Grappler,” said a police officer slapping me on the back. “We couldn’t have done it without you”.

“No problem” I reply shooting a grapple hook onto a lamppost, and launching myself into the air

“Being a hero is what I do best”.

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