A New Hero

    I lay quietly in bed on a warm summer’s night, listening to the soft hum of the city, and the quiet orchestra of cars honking and screeching. My parents are already in bed, and the security system is activated.

I toss and turn in my bed struggling to get to sleep. I seem to be too busy thinking of the things that happened today. After school I was taking karate lessons when this mean boy in my class told me I was a girl and girls don’t fight. Which is true because I’am  a girl and I’am the only girl in my Karate class. Well anyway, that boy made me so mad that I ran up to him and tackled him, pinning him to the ground. The boy kicked and screamed trying to get out from under me, but I had him stuck to the ground like glue. It didn’t take long before my karate teacher and a few adults had to yank me off the boy. After that my teacher talked to me about respecting others, and a bunch of stuff that didn’t make sense to me.

Later, when I was getting ready to go, a boy that I somewhat now named Chris, walked up to me and told me that he thought it was pretty funny when “I showed that boy who’s boss”. I had nothing say but smile and look away blushing. I wasn’t blushing because I was embarrassed, I was blushing because Chris is my highschool crush, and yeah…maybe I was a little embarrassed.

“I came to watch you guys learn karate, after I was done my karate class, and that was when I saw your incident” Chris said with a smile.

I laugh softly then look down at my feet.

“My names Chris, by the way” Chris chimed sticking his hand out, after a moment of awkward silence.

“I know” I say with a smile.

“You do?” Chris questioned.

“Everyone knows you” I answer “everyone at school that is”.

“I see” said Chris “What’s your name”

“Kasidy” I say shaking his Chris’s hand “Kasidy price”

“That’s a nice name” Chris smiles

“Thanks” I Say, hoisting my backpack onto my shoulders.

We stand there for an awkward ten seconds without a sound.

I look at Chris,he is looking down at his feet as if he wants to say something. Right  when I was about to say something, Chris sticks out his phone in front of me and says.

“Can I have your number?”.

“What?” I say stunned by his question

“Well I think your pretty…cool”. Chris stutters “and I’d like to get to know you”.

I could tell Chris is very embarrassed, so I take his phone, wright my number and place the phone back in Chris’s hand.

“thanks“. Chris sighs sliding the phone in his pocket

“Your welcome”. myself.

After I got home I sat down and watched TV until dinner. During dinner everyone ate in silence, except for my little brother Joe, who was making strange slurping sounds with his soup. It sounded gross. I tried to make Joe stop, but I ended up getting in trouble by my parents.

“Kasidy, go to your room”. Dad shouts gruffly “and stay there till I say so”.

Which means “go to bed” pretty much. It’s not like it never happened to me, I’m used to it. But it doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.

Now i’m here rolling around in my bed, wondering if ever fall asleep.I reach for my alarm clock to check the time, and I remember that it broke about 3 days ago. I sit up and gaze into the darkness. I get out of bed, walk to the door, and quietly close it. Then I slowly walk over to a spot where there is a loose floorboard. I kneel down, grab hold of the loose board and pull,  attempting to remove it. I must have pulled a little too hard, because the floorboard popped out of the floor. causing me to fall backwards and hit my head on the bed creating a loud bang. I lie there frozen, hoping I didn’t wake anyone.

“Kasidy?” came a small voice.

“Yes” I answer slowly.

“I can’t get to sleep” said the familiar voice.

“Just go back to bed, it’s not that hard Joe” I reply.

“Can you take me back to bed?” asked Joe

“Alright” I sigh getting up off the floor. “Come on”

I take Joe’s hand walk him down the dark hallway.

“How do you get to sleep Kasidy?” joe questioned as he laid down in his bed.

“I just close my eyes and fall asleep” I answer.

“Really?” joe asked excitedly.

“Yeah” I reply

“I’m gonna try to do that” said Joe confidently

“You do that” I say walking out of Joe’s room.

“Goodnight Kasidy” called Joe.

“Goodnight” I whisper behind my back.

    “Ok” I say to myself as I enter my room “where was I”. I glance around the room, then spot the hole in the floor. I walk over to the hole, kneel down, and reach inside. After a moment, I pull out a unique and special outfit. But not just any outfit, it’s my supersuit.

I’ve been a superhero for a long time, ever since i discovered my super abilities. I found out that I’m able to look at someone and know what exactly there thinking, just by looking at them. And my memory is way better than an average human. As you can see, my brain is way more advanced than any other brain. I can learn remarkably well and incredibly fast. Which is very handy when it comes to school work.

    I gaze at my suit, feeling it’s smooth fabric admiring the fancy designs. It’s base color is a very light almost white greyish blue. On the chest there’s a blue V shape, and on  the wrist there is a blue and gold stripe. And on each arm and each leg there is a blue stripe to give it a unique look. With a burst of excitement I quickly change into my supersuit. I adjust around my neck and and wrist to make a comfortable fit. I look into the mirror to see how I look in my super suit.

“It’s been awhile,” I say flicking my hair out of my face.

I sigh and walk over to the window and look out.

“Let’s see what’s going on in the city,” I say switching of the security alarm, and jumping out the window.

    In no time I’m running along the rooftops without a noise. The city seems quiet. The only sound the soft tapping of my feet, and and the faint huffs of my breathe. It feels good to be outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, and letting my long hair fly as I jump over the gaps between the houses.

    Istart making my way to the town square, Jumping the buildings as I go.

After I get there the place seems abandoned, like a ghost town. Even though the setting feels lonely, the view on top of the town hall is amazing. I see the dim light of the street lamp reflect in the quiet water fountain below. I notice a man sitting on a bench possibly reading a newspaper. Near him are a flock of pigeons softley cooing, as they pecked at the cement.

“How beautiful,” I think to myself “I could get use to a view like this,”.

I gaze at the scene, and let out a small sigh.

    Just then, a big white van came zooming through the town square like a rocket, causing the pigeons to scatter into the air. The man sitting on the yelled in surprise, and hurtled himself behind the bench. The van rumbled up the museum steps with great speed and smashed through the doors of the museum.

Right then I sprang into action. I run across the town hall roof and jump off the edge. I dive for the lampost, and slide down it like a firefighter. Then I run over to where the man stood shaking at the knees.

“are you alright sir,” I say to the man

“Yeah, but I nearly got ran over,” answered the man.

“Good,” I say “but you need to get out of here,”.

“I was thinking the same thing,” said the man stumbling away. “Thanks for your help though miss,”.

“No problem,” I say turning around, and quickly running up the museum steps. I jump through the museum entrance, expecting to see a mob of criminals. But there was nothing. I lower my raised fists to my sides, and look around. I listen, but there isn’t a sound. I walk over to the crashed van, and look inside the open doors. The seats look old, and the windshield is cracked. The hood is bent upward from the force of the crash, the engine is steaming.

“Funny,” I say to myself. “Where did everyone one go,”.

It’s like they disappeared, I was confused. I look at the ground for footprints, I look everywhere for any type of clue. But I’m clueless.

Just then I heard the sound of breaking glass. I quickly look down a hallway to see a smashed clay pot, with pieces scattered across the floor. I run to investigate, but was stopped short when I saw movement in the upper level. I look up and see a figure staring at me. I could barely make out the details, but I can definitely tell that he’s wearing a mask.

“He’s definitely wearing a mask,” I think to myself. “Very skull like,”.

Just then, the figure turned and started to run.

“Ameture,” I say running towards the wall and jumping as high as I could. I plant my feet against the wall, and push off with all my might. I perform a side flip as I sail through the air, and land perfectly on the upper level. I turn just in time to see the figure run around the corner. With the speed of lightning, I start chasing after the unknown figure, running blindly through the darkness, pursuing a faint silhouette.

The figure tries slowing me down by throwing objects in my path.

I do my best dodging each obstacle, as I close the distance between me and the figure. Just when I was about to grab hold of the figure, something came at me from my right ramming into me, and slamming into the wall. I crumple to the ground dazed and confused.

“What hit me?” I think to myself glancing around. I try to focus my vision, but my head is swimming, and my body aches. I’m beginning to black out. Just then there was a zapping pain in my right ankle, causing me to jolt out of control. I was being tazed. With great effort, I manage to swing my left leg forward kicking the source of the shock. Following was a loud bang, then a jumble of muffled  gibberish voices.

I quickly jump up and knock down two of the shadowy figures, then pin another to the ground.

Just then a large pair of hands yank me to my feet, and slam me into a glass display cabinet. The glass shattered into a million pieces, as my body crashes through it.

I stand there leaning against the wall, gazing at the floor as it swayed side to side.

At that moment pain entered my left shoulder. It felt  as if someone was pushing on my shoulder with their elbow. I look up to see the face of angry looking man staring into my eyes.

“Who May you be?” The evil man grinned.

“I’m not going to answer until you tell me who you are,” I growl.

“Sassy little thing,” laughs the man looking behind him to his thugs. “I’m Gravis, in case you were wondering,”.

I glare into his dark blue eyes, hidden underneath his bushy eyebrows. His long black hair flow down the back of his head, stopping at his neck. His wide evil smile frightens me. And his pointed nose adds to the devastating features. His big strong arms bulge as they have me pinned to the wall.

“You have made the wrong choice to hijack my heist,” Gravis scowled “and you won’t get away without paying for it,”. Just then Gravis starts pushing his elbow harder into my shoulder.

I begin to squirm around trying to escape the pain in my shoulder. But Gravis is too strong. I grab his shoulder and attempt to yank his elbow off my shoulder, but his elbow is secured, it will not move.

Tears well up in my eyes. The pain is so great that I have to let out a yelp, hut it comes out as a low raspy moan. I’ve stopped struggling. Stopped trying to escape. Everything going black. I feel Gravis’ cold breath on my neck as he laughs a quiet, blood curdling laugh.

Just when I was about to lose consciousness, something hit Gravis in the face sending him sliding across the floor facedown.

I fall to my knees holding my shoulder with my hands. I was relieved to feel the pain ease. As I was gathering consciousness, I heard angry shouts, breaking glass, and the souls of bodies hitting the ground. I look up to see a figure wearing a yellow suit, taking on the squad of shadows, and actually doing a pretty good job.

But I knew he can’t hold them back forever. I slowly stand up, then charge strait into the thick of the fight. The next Thing I know, I’m fighting back to back with my unknown hero. I punch, duck, and kick, doing anything to hold back the shadow figures.

So far I have taken down four of the shadows, and I’m working on another two. I look behind me to see yellow suit fighting Gravis, who is throwing and blocking punches. I stare at yellow suit, trying to figure why he looks so familiar. Suddenly my feet fly out from under me, and I hit the ground with a klunk. As I’m on the ground I swing my legs around causing the shadowy figure to fall flat on their faces. I quickly push off the ground with my hands, and land perfectly on my feet.

“Now I have to make sure you guys stay right where you are,” I say running over to a shelf and pushing it over onto the fallen figures.

“That should teach ya,” I huff.

I look up to see yellow suit pinned underneath Gravis, who is bombarding him with punches.

I calmly pick up a vase and walk over to the little scuffle. I raise the vase above my head and smash it down on Gravis’ head.

Gravis yelled putting his hands on his head, and looked up at me with a “Why did you do that,” type of face.

Me, feeling no sympathy for him, punched Gravis across the face, knocking him out.

“I could have handled it myself,” said yellow suit sitting up.

“Yeah right,” I laugh cheerfully stilling my hand out in front of me.

“Thanks,” said yellow suit taking my hand, and standing up, “you handled that pretty well,”.

“Thank you, you did good as well,” I giggle.

“I’m known as Grappler, what are you kno-,” said Yellow suit stopping short.

I look into Grappler’s surprised face, wondering why he stopped short, but that question ended quickly when I got a good look at him. I stand there in complete shock, for I’am looking into the face of “Christopher Hills…Chris,”.

“Kasidy?” Chris gulped “are you actually a superhero?”.

“Uhhh,” I stutter not sure what to say.

Just then sirens fill the air. Chris looks behind him to see the police fill the room. But before he could look back, I was gone.

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