A Powerful Choice (Part 2)


I slowly open my eyes to find myself lying inside a bed, in a well lit room. The room had grey coloured walls, covered with posters of rock bands and actors.

“Good to see your alive and well,” said a familiar voice.

I glance around the room and see my best friend Chris leaning against the door, smiling, arms crossed.

“Chris!” I cry happily “I’m so happy to see you,”

“Why so excited?” Chris laughed pushing off the wall and walking to my bedside.

“You don’t even know,” I sob bursting into tears.

“No I don’t know Steven,” Chris said to me. “What’s the matter?”

“My family is dead” I sniff. “ they died in an explosion,”.

“What,” exclaimed Chris doubtfully.

“I was the only one who survived,” I say finishing my sentence with a sigh

“I don’t if I should believe you,” Chris stammered.

“I don’t care if you believe me or not,” I huff. “All I know is that the explosion left me with this,”. I slowly hold my hands out in front of me, and clench my fists. I look over to Chris who is looking at me intently, waiting to see what will happen next. I take a deep breath and open up my hands. At that moment the palms of my hands began to glow.

“Wha,h-how do you…h-how are you doing that,” stammered Chris, wiping his long brown hair from his face, and looking closer.

“I don’t know Chris,” I reply softly. “I don’t know,”

Suddenly without warning, a beam of electrifying light shot forth from my palms. I shout in surprise and quickly extend my arms out in front of me, trying to protect myself.

“ Whoa,” Chris yelled jumping out of the way.

“Ahhhhh,” I shriek as the beam of light burned right through the wall.

“Steven stop doing that,” Chris cried over the blasting scream of the light. “stop stop,”.

“I’m trying, I’m trying,” I answer trying to think of a way to ceasefire.

“Close your hands,”shouted Chris

“I don’t know if it will work,” I say doubtfully.

“Just do it,” answered Chris

With that I closed my hands into fists. And at that moment the firing stopped.

“Why did you do that,” yelled Chris

“I didn’t know that it would that,” I shout back, staring at the huge burnt hole in the wall.

“Well good thing my mom isn’t home,” Chris sighed stepping out from behind the table he was hiding behind, although it wouldn’t have done much for protection.

“All I can say is my family was killed in an explosion, and I was the only one who survived.

“A radioactive explosion,” Chris said suddenly.

“Do you really think so?” I question looking intently at Chris.

“Was it the explosion east of here?” Chris asked pointing in the direction of my home.

“Probably,” I sigh hanging my head.

“Radium,” Chris whispered to himself.

“What?” I say lifting my head.

“Radium,” said Chris more loudly. “It’s an organization that creates and tests radioactive weapons,”.

“Test,” I growl. “Test,”

That word lingers in my head, making me more angry every second.

“Where is this ‘Radium’?” I slowly say.

“Just at the west side of the city…wait a minute, your not thinking adout attacking ‘Radium’ are you?”

“They killed my family,” I huff angrily

“Steven I don’t think that’s a good idea,” said Cris with a worried face.

“They killed my family, I kill them,” I say

“What ,” shrieked Chris “Steven What is wrong with you, you can’t kill poeple,”.

I glare into Chris’ frightens face.

“Mabye that dropped the bomb on accident,” Chris explained.

“Oh wait and see what I can do on accident,” I growl standing up.

“Steven I won’t get you do this,” Cried Chris stepping in front of me.

“Your not part of this,” I say pushing Chris aside. “It’s just me and ‘Radium’,”.

“No!” Shouted Chris grabbing my shoulders

“Get off me!” I shout grabbing Chris, and throwing him into the wall.

And with that I leave the house and make my way towards “Radium”.


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