A Powerful Choice (Part 2)


“Radium”, the big words said on the front of a tall building, towering into the clouds.

“Revenge will be mine,” I huff clenching my fists, and walking into the building.

On the first floor there is a clerk desk ,in the center of the room. To the right is a lounge, filled with chairs and tables. To the left is stairs and an elevator.

Just then a man wearing a name tag saying manager walked into the room.

I stand there waiting for the moment to strike.

The manager began to make his way towards me.

I take a deep breathe, and tighten my fists. My mind is racing, I’m freaking out, not sure what to do.

The manager glances and smiles at me as he passes by.

I stand absolutely still, “who knew that it would be so hard to kill,” I say relaxing my fists. I sigh and make my way towards the door. Maybe doing the right thing would be easier after all.


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