Stepping Stones To Freedom

She stood there, staring out across the sea. The water splashed against her bare feet, and slowly fell back into the ocean. She couldn’t believe it, she was free. she had escaped the life of pain, slavery, and exhaustion. And all she had to do, was jump from one rock to another, and cross the sea to freedom, and never be seen again. And that’s just what she did.

Stepping Stones To Freedom


The Chase (a superhero story)

“Woohoo, I finally performed my triple gainer,” I shout triumphantly punching the air and pulling off a few dance moves I made up.

“I`ve been working on that trick for a long time,” I say to myself.

I sigh and look down at the city from high up on a tall skyscraper taking the breathtaking view, full of tall buildings and winding streets. My bright yellow supersuit reflects in the sunlight as I stand on the skyscraper. Just then the sounds of sirens fill the air. I look below me to a police car chasing a dark black sports car. I adjust my grapple packs which are strapped to my wrists, and with a great jump I`m rapidly diving down the side of the building with the distance between me and the ground closing fast. With the speed of lightning I shoot a grapple hook from my grapple pack, hooking it onto a street lamp. I swing low to the ground and launch myself into the air. I start swinging through the city following the intense blare of the sirens and squeal of the tires, which echoed through the city.

My mind is racing, I can feel the adrenaline course through me as I launch myself onto a building, and jump from one structure to another. I’m now running on a stretch of small grocery shops and stores, jumping over chimneys and sliding across skylights. I can see the sportscar is below me to my left, speeding through stop lights and dodging oncoming traffic, with the police car not far behind. I quickly look forward to see that the stretch of shops has come to a stop. I try to stop myself but I end up flying off the edge of the Rexall drug store. Miraculously enough, I land smack dab on top of the speeding sports car.

“Holy” I exclaim as I brace myself.

I look behind to see the police car not too far behind.

“Ok” I say slowly concentrating my thoughts on what I should do next.

My eyes quickly scan the area looking for a way to stop the car. Just then I thought of a reckless idea that should put the black sports car to a definite stop. I glance around me then jump off the speeding sports car and swing a great distance ahead of the chase. I land superhero style on the sidewalk, get into position, and wait for the moment to launch into action. The car chase is coming fast. I ready my grapple pack, aiming it at the black sports car. Right when the sports car zooms past me I shoot my grapple hook, latching it to the rear bumper. Thoughts are racing through my mind as I watch the rope tighten.

“Is this going to work, what will happen if this doesn’t work, oh crap I regret this”.

Right then I go flying forward like I’ve been launched out of a large slingshot, and end up getting violently dragged behind the speeding sports car.

“Whoops.. I didn’t fully think that one through” I say to myself.

I look behind me at the pursuing police car, I can see the dazed faces of police probably thinking on how much of an idiot I was trying to stop a speeding car with my bare hands. Just then another plan pops into my head. Still dragging behind, I start retracting my grapple pack letting it slowly pull me towards the sports car.

“Good thing my supersuit is indestructible” I laugh “ if it  wasn’t I’d be getting extreme road rash”.

After I finally made it to the car, I grab hold of the back bumper, and pull myself underneath.

“I hope this works” I say, placing my feet onto where the rear left tire connect to the car. Right then I started pushing as hard as I could attempting to dislodge the tire. The whole sports car started to shake and make a terrible screeching sound. Just then the tire of the car flew off, rim and all causing the car to tip to the left and slide out of control. I quickly dig my feet into the ground, and with a mighty heave I send the  black sports car flying into the air and crash land on the ground tires facing up.

“Take a load of that” I huff standing up and running my finger through my long brown hair.

At that moment police cars arrive at the scene. Cops are jumping out of their vehicles and dragging the criminals out of the crashed and overturned car.

“Thank you Grappler,” said a police officer slapping me on the back. “We couldn’t have done it without you”.

“No problem” I reply shooting a grapple hook onto a lamppost, and launching myself into the air

“Being a hero is what I do best”.

Pompeii The Great Roman City (part 2)

I sit there sobbing for a short period of time,for I know I’m not safe where I am.

Suddenly the ground  begins to vibrate, the fiery mountain begins to rumble, I look up and see molten lava making its way towards me. I quickly get up, take a last look on my demolished home, and start running down the rocky street. The sky is now dark, the whole city is lit up with flames, lava is flowing down the mountain crushing every structure in it’s way, and there is small bits of ash falling from the sky. I stop in what seems to be the town square, I look around frantically looking for a way out of the crumbling city. I’m lost and confused, all of hope seems to be lost, I’m dizzy and I feel like I’m going to fall to the ground. Just then I see a figure staggering out of the great temple then another figure,

“Simion… Antonia,” I yell running with all my might towards them

“Simion,” I repeat once I’ve made my place beside him

Simion looks up at me, then his face lit up with happiness and relief, but then his face became serious.

“Deis we have to get out of here,” Simion said to me.

“Yes I know,” I answer back “do you know the way out?”

“Of course I do,” replied Simion grabbing Antonia’s wrist “I know every corner of this city,”

“Well then let’s go,” I say.

“Yes, follow me,” Simion ordered as he ran past me.

I start running after Simion with a new sense of confidence but thoughts are racing around in my mind making me begin to stumble.

“Come on Deis we’re almost there,” cried Simion grabbing hold of my arm pulling me along with him as he ran. My legs are weak and I’m trying to keep moving, I look ahead to see the city gate. Adrenaline shoots through me, I jerk my arm from Simion’s grip and start running for the gate. Just then I hear a scream, I looked behind me to see Simon helping his sister Antonia to her feet.

“What happened,” I ask running up to Simion

“Antonia tripped and hurt her ankle,” replied Simion

“Can she walk,” I say looking to Antonia

“I think so,” sniffed Antonia wiping a tear from her face

“Ok let’s…,” I pause frozen with fear looking behind Simion and Antonia.

“What are you looking at,” said Simion looking behind himself just to see a huge wall of lava flowing straight towards us.

“RUN,” I yell shaking myself from the paralyzed state I was in and start running with all my might towards the gate with Simion and Antonia not far behind.

I look to my right to see another Wall of lava then another on my left. it occurs to me that we are completely surrounded by hot flowing lava slowly closing in on us and trapping every chance to escape, except for the city gate standing only paces ahead of me.

“Hurry we’re almost there,” I yell behind me keeping my eye on the gate running at a smooth and steady pace. I stop at the gate and look behind me to see Simion and Antonia hobbling as fast as they could go towards me.

“Come on just a little further,” I call to them beginning to get frantic

I quickly look to my left, then to my right, the lava is closing in fast and I don’t know if they can make it on time. Then I did something every good friend should do in a time like this, I ran as fast as I could down the street to where my friend Simion was doing his best to keep his sister Antonia moving.

“Simion,” I order “lift Antonia onto my back,”.

Simion looked hesitant, “Are you sure you can do it?” he asked

“Just do it,” I yell getting desperate.

“No I can walk on my own,” said Antonia running towards the gate with a speed that I’ve never seen a girl do.

“Okay then,” I say in surprise.

“Let’s, go,” cried Simion giving me a small push to get me going. We run to the gate and jump through just before the lava covered the exit.

“We made it,” yelled Antonia in excitement jumping into the air and looking at the fallen city.

“We made it,” I repeat to myself in awe knowing that this city which was the city that I lived in is now in ruins, and knowing that I survived with my friends is unforgettable.

“This city was Pompeii, The Great Roman City,” I say out loud.

Pompeii The Great Roman City (part 1)

It was a bright and sunny morning in the great Roman city Pompeii where I lived, the streets were crowded with people buying goods from the market to kids playing in the streets. The city sat at the foot of a large mountain called Mt. Vesuvius which towered high into the sky. Many people admired the great mountain, some people even worshipped it which a think in my opinion is just strange, but one day something happened which changed the world.

I was young when this happened around thirteen or fourteen years old. it was a bright and sunny morning in pompeii when I lazily woke up from my bed, I could see that the city was already alive with people working in gardens and some men in the courtyard with my dad tossing a ball to each other. I walked into the vacant kitchen to see the slaves making breakfast,

“Hi Clodius,” I say to the tall lanky slave

“Hi Deis, how are you this fine morning?” answered Clodius

“Pretty good,” I replied swiping an apple from a small woven basket “just going to go play outside,”

“Well, you have fun,” said Clodius with a wink

“I will,” I smiled back taking a bite into the crisp shiny apple and stepping out the door into the warm summer day.

I quietly closed the door behind me and began to walk down the rocky walkway down to the garden where my friend Simion was already waiting for me.

“It’s about time you’ve come,” he said waving to me “what took so long?”

“I didn’t take that long,” I bluntly reply sitting myself beside Simion

“Well long enough to keep me waiting,” Simion answered jokingly

“Yeah sure,” I say sarcastically headlocking Simion and tackling him to the ground.

“Hey stop,” laughed Simion as he struggled to get up.

After a minute I loosened my grip on Simion and helped him to his feet,

“Your quite the character, Deis,”said Simion

“I know”I smirked back giving him a sly look.

“Oh Deis,”snickered Simion “how did we become friends,”.

I laugh and look at Simion my best friend who is happily sitting on a rock, I noticed he’s looking at me strangely as if he’s trying not to laugh, my expression changes to more of a confused look

“Why are looking at me like that,” I ask beginning to get nervous

“looking at you like what?” said Simion smiling mischievously looking at me as if he’s looking right through me

“Simion what’s going on?” I say turning around to look behind me

Just then something jolted me causing me to jump and fall to the ground. I quickly look behind me to see Simion’s sister Antonia laughing like the funniest thing had just happened.

“Deis that was so funny,” laughed Antonia “you were so scared,”

“No I wasn’t,” I quickly answer.

“Yes, you were,” said Simion.

“No,” I repeated though on the inside I knew I got scared, actually I was scared to death but I don’t want to admit that a girl had scared me, especially Simion’s sister.

“No,” I wasn’t scared,” I say again trying to keep a straight face

“Of course you weren’t,” said Antonia sarcastically stretching out her hand to help me up.

“I can get up myself,” I say pushing Antonia’s hand away

“Okay,” she smiled taking a step back.

I slowly pull myself to my feet and dust myself off,

“Why are you even here in the first place,?” I ask looking at Antonia

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” Antonia said “the market is today and there’s so many cool stuff that’s going on in the town square,”

“Awesome we should go,” exclaimed Simion “you wanna come Deis,”?

“You bet I do,” I said making a run for it down the street with Simion and Antonia not far behind.

After we arrived, the town square is full of people, rolling carts and the sounds of noisy animals and talking people all mixed up creating a loud humming sound

“Wow, look at these cool clay pots,” admired Simion picking up one of the unique shaped jars.

“Yeah I have to say that it actually does look pretty cool,” I say feeling the fine engraving in the delicate clay. we stand there while admiring the jars claiming which one we like best and talking about what we could possibly use them for. “Maybe we could use this one for storing water in,” I say pointing out one of the jars

“Yeah I like the way the spout spirals down like that,” Simion agrees.

After retiring from the jars we move to where Antonia is looking at the delicious food lined up in rows on large wooden carts

“Mmmm don’t these pastries smell great,” Antonia said

“They sure do,” agreed Simion breathing through his nose sniffing the sweet smelling dough

“I’m going to buy one,” said Antonia handing the baker a hand full of coins

“Thank you young lady” thanked the man handing Antonia a pastry in return

“MmmMmm,” exliamed Antonia taking a bite into the pastry

“Aww,” I say disappointed wishing I could eat that pastry

“too bad you guys don’t have any money,” taunted Antonia taking another bite “they are really good,”

“Can you lend us some of your money?” Simion asked his sister.

“Why?” questioned Antonia

“Pleeeeeease,” both Simion and I said in unison.

“Fine just a little bit,” answered Antonia dropping a few coins into Simion’s hand

“Thanks sis I’ll be sure to pay you back” Simion reassured

“Anytime,” returned Antonia turning around and walking away

“Alright,” I exclaim “what should we buy,”?

“Pastries dude we gotta buy some,” Simion excitedly replied

“Let’s do it then,” I say slapping him on the back.

After we have purchased are pastries we climb onto the roof of the Bakery to eat our pastries and to talk about our lives.

“Hey Deis do you remember when we went swimming in the ocean,”? Simion asked taking a bite of his pastry

“Yeah I remember,” I say “that was fun,”

“Yeah and you thought Antonia was a shark,” laughed Simion

“that was funny,” I agree laughing along with Simion.

Life was great hanging out with Simion, it’s when I got to share my feelings with him and not worry about bothered by Antonia

Just then there was a loud “BOOM” which came from the the top the mountain. We quickly look up shocked by the sound to see a large cloud of fire slowly growing bigger.

“Ouch,” I yell as a small hot rock hit me burning my skin

“What happened,”? asked Simion looking at me

“I don’t know,” I say

People are screaming now running through the streets, Simion  and I have climbed down from the roof, the cloud of fire has turned grey, the air now smells of smoke and hot pebbles are beginning to pour from the sky.

“What’s happening,” I yell covering myself with a basket lid

“Oh no,” said Simion seeming to ignore me, in a split second Simion is running down the street yelling someone’s name, I can’t make out the word but I know Simion is scared. I start running after Simion when I notice that my family would be worried to death about me so I switch my route towards my house. My house is coming into view, I suddenly see a huge flow of lava flowing down the side of the mountain towards my house.

“Mom, Dad,” I yell running towards the house as fast as I could go. but it was too late the lava hits the house with a force that caused the house to collapse and get buried on hot ash and lava. I watch in terror as the house crumbled in front of me with tears welling up from my wet eyes

“Nooooooo,” I scream falling to my knees and burying my face in my hands.

to be continued.

That Friday, part 2 (continued from That Friday)

Just as Tristan was reaching for the switch a pair of eyes appeared in front of him from the darkness. Tristan screamed like a five year old girl and jumped three feet into the air. falling onto the shelves then onto the floor. At that moment there was a click and all the lights flickered on which revealed a tall brown-blonde haired girl with familiar look of confusion on her face.

”Lesley, what are you doing here”? Tristan demanded relieved.

”I was working on my my art project” replied Lesley helping Tristan to his feet,”then there was a loud bang and the lights went out”Lesley continued.

“Yeah I heard that too…it was hard not to” said Tristan.

“I know” agreed Lesley “what do you think it was”?

“Well I know the sound came from outside” Tristan said.

“Ok” Lesley slowly answered.

“so let’s go see what it was”said Tristan

“Are you sure”?asked Lesley.

“Of course I’m sure just come on it’ll be fine” replied Tristan walking to the boot room with Lesley hesitantly following.

Tristan turned on the outdoor light, slowly opened the door, and looked out. Tristan eyes grew large because sitting in front of the school half buried in the ground was a large stone with steam rising from its rocky surface and a light purple glow coming from it’s rough cracks.

”what is it” Whispered Lesley over Tristan’s shoulder.

”it looks like some sort of space rock” Tristan answered examining the rock with his fingers.

“should we the principal next week”? questioned Lesley.

”NO” replied Tristan”let’s bring it to my house so we can study it more”.

I’m not so sure about that” said Lesley uneasy.

“oh c’mon” Tristan coaxed”it’ll be easy”.

“Ok” Lesley slowly replied”alright”.

“Now get the wagon over in the shed and bring it back here”, commanded Tristan “and help me lift the rock onto it”.

Lesley obediently walked over to the shed were the wagon was stored but was met by a horrifying surprise,”Tristan the shed is on fire”! Screamed Lesley running back to were Tristan was.Tristan looked up just as Lesley grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the were the shed sat with flames leaping from the door and slowly spreading onto the school.

“look” cried Tristan frantically “the propane tank is on fire , it’s gonna…”at that moment the tank exploded with a huge BOOM sending the two kids flying across the parking lot landing on the hard pavement, the side of the school blew up with chunks of debris flying all over the place, suddenly the force of the explosion caused the fire hydrant to blow up sending water everywhere soaking the two kids and the fire. Just then the sound of sirens filled the air, a large fire truck screeched to a stop in front of the school with firemen pouring out of the truck. Tristan and Lesley stared in amazement as the firefighters soaked the water at the blazing fire. All of a sudden two large hands grabbed the two kids and jerked them to their feet.

“what the heck did you kids do”? said a deep rough voice which belonged to Lesley’s father.

“dad we didn’t do it” cried Lesley wriggling from her father’s grip.

“than who did it”? Lesley’s father gruffly asked.

“we don’t know” answerd Tristan “All we know it was not us”.

“hmph” came the old man’s reply. There was a long pause of silence for Lesley and Tristan knew that the force of the meteor had caused the fire. Just then Lesley’s father broke the silence “we should get home Lesley your mother is going to be worried”.

“but what about Tristan”? Lesley asked pointing in Tristan’s direction.

“Where does he live” asked lesley’s father turning to Tristan.

“not far from here” answered Tristan.

“OK” Lesley’s father slowly answered “come along”.

The two friends slowly followed the gruff man to where a old worn down car sat.

“get inside” said Lesley’s father opening the the car door. after the kids climbed into the vehicle Lesley’s father closed the door, opened the door to the driver’s seat and climbed in. the front door shut and the car’s engine started up. The old car slowly pulled forward. Tristan and Lesley gazed out the window staring at the extinguished fire thinking about the space rock that had crashed in the school yard.

The End.

The Sounds Of Spring


I see the sun pierce through the shady Leaves shining like a bright diamond casting warm light,

I hear the wind winding through the trees

Rusting the leaves with the sound of the sea

The birds chirping in the trees loud and clear singing their soothing songs

I sit back and relax to listen to the sounds of spring

That Friday

One Friday morning Tristan is asleep in his bed when his alarm clock rings. Tristan wipes his rough chestnut brown hair from his dark green eyes and lazely squints at the time, it’s 8:40! he was late for the bus. With the speed of lightning Tristan managed to get dressed, do his hair, grab his backpack, and run outside. The bus was just leaving so with a massive jump Tristan performed a side flip over the deck railing landing feet first on the soft grassy soil and ran to the bus.

After arriving at the school Tristan rushes to his classroom where the whole class was reading. Tristan swiftly walks across the classroom to his desk and slowly sat down, he pulled out the a book and began to read. The rest of the day went like any other school day would, English Language Arts until recess, then French, then Math, and so on.

After awhile the bell rang to end school.

Tristan was packing up his backpack when one of friends Clayton walked up to him,”Hey Trist” said Clayton.

“Hey man what’s up” answered Tristan.

“Well I was just wondering if you wanted to come to the hockey game with me tonight”? Replied Clayton.”It’s the Penguins Versus the Red Wings”.

”Sorry dude, I still have to mop the washroom floors for doing something I didn’t do” said Tristan in a disappointed voice.

“you mean when someone glued the teacher drawer shut”?Clayton asked.

”Yeah”replied Tristan.

“Why don’t you tell the teacher you didn’t do it”? Said Clayton.

“I did” answered Tristan “she didn’t believe me”

”Oh… well that sucks” said Clayton sympathetically.

“Yeah it does”replied Tristan.

“Well at least it’s temporary” encouraged Clayton

“I guess so” agreed Tristan

“yeah well anyways guess I better get going” Clayton said.

“OK see ya” replied Tristan in more  of a happier voice.

“Bye” came Clayton reply, with that Clayton picked up his backpack and walked away.

Later Tristan was mopping the floors of the boys washroom. He was mopping one of the stalls when there was a loud “BOOM” which made the whole school shake, it shook so much that Tristan lost his balance and fell in the toilet, then the lights went out. Tristan pulled himself out of the toilet (not wet) and started feeling his way through the washroom, as he was walking he tripped over the water bucket and fell flat on the floor. Tristan felt for his backpack.  after a moment his hand hit something it was his backpack. He reached inside and grabbed his flashlight, Tristan probed the flashlight searching for the “ON” switch. With a click the switch a beam of light shown through the room. The young teen made his way through the room to the door, he grabbed the door handle and pulled it open. Tristan stepped out of the washroom and examined the dark library cautiously walking to the storage room. As he walked up to the door he noticed that it was wide open! “What in the world” thought Tristan as he carefully walked into the stuffy room. Tristan shone the flashlight towards the breaker box to find the box door was open too. Just as Tristan was reaching for the switch a pair of eyes appeared in front of him from the darkness.

To be continued…

A medieval short story

“Take that,” shouted Liam playfully swinging his wooden sword against the shield of his friend Glendel.

“You almost got me,” said Glendel dodging his friend’s blow. Liam quickly jumped onto a small wall which separated the Castle Garden from the Stable. Glendel performed a series of thrusts and cuts but Liam blocked every attack with his sword, then liam returned the favor thrust and cuts just like his friend Glendel did. Glendel did his best in blocking each blow and as he was he thought of a sly tick that make him victor of the sword fight. Just as Liam was finished his series of blows Glendel gave Liam a large shove, which caused Liam to lose his balance and fall into the garden fountain soaking Liam with cold water.

“I win this time Liam woodgate,” said Glendel smirking

“Just this once,” laughed Liam pulling himself out of the fountain and hopping over the wall beside Glendel.

“So what should we do next,”? Asked Glenden tossing his wood sword aside with Liam doing the same

“We should go visit the princess,” suggested Liam

“Ha,” Glendel laughed “you like her don’t you,”?

“No…well…sort of,” stuttered Liam blushing

“Well how would we be able to see her in the first place,” Glendel questioned

“I’ve got connections,” answered Liam proudly

“How,” Glendel doubted

“The princess and I are friends,” Liam shot back standing tall

“Nah,” snickered Glendel “let’s just do chariot races,”

“Ok,” greed Liam  “last one to the stable has to clean the horses hooves,” he shouted pushing Glendel  into a nearby bush running to the stable

“Hey I wasn’t ready,” Glendel called after Liam, but Liam just kept on running. Glendel laughed quietly as pulled himself out of the bush and dusted himself off.

“Your quite the character Liam Woodgate,” said Glendel to himself “quite the character,” then Glendel started running after Liam laughing.

The Prairie

The wind slowly glides over the prairie like an eagle on big broad wings causing the grass to bend in the breeze. A distant tree stands in the wind waving its towering branches in the air letting the bright orange leaves fall to the ground. A wide eyed owlet perches in the tree blinking its beady eyes waiting for the arrival of its mother. Far in the distance a forest looms large weaving across the land while a bald eagle flies over the grassland scanning the ground with its sharp eyes, it dives and comes back up with a small mouse in its mighty talons. Nearby a herd of white tailed deer graze munching on the grass. In a far away flower field a young child picks flowers and smells them as she goes, a voice calls the child’s name from a nearby house, the girls picks one more flower and runs toward the house. The house is small and quaint with faded and peeling paint, the door is old and frail making a loud squeak as the girl enters the house, it slowly closes on brass hinges clicking itself shut. The deck was small with a large bench and a rocking chair that had a small wooden table in the middle. Up on the roof the loose cedar shingles like a broken puzzle overlap each other ready to keep the forthcoming rain from leaking into the house. Up High in the sky the clouds begin to darken, just then a clap of thunder fills the air with a follow of rain starting out as a soft shower but gradually coming to a downpour. In the window of the house is the face of the little girl staring out into the rain watching the drops trickle down the window.

Bow practice in Middle Earth

“Twang” went the sound of my bow as it sent an arrow flying into a nearby tree. “Nice shot Beaugus” said my elf cousin Luquin.  “Thanks, here you try,” I say, handing him my bow, “OK” said Luquin clutching the bow. I watch him load the bow, position himself, pull the bowstring back, and focus his eye on the same tree my arrow stuck. Just then Luquin let go of the bowstring letting the arrow fly through the air lodging the arrow into the tree. “That was amazing,” I say, giving Luquin a pat on the back.

The Lonely Wolf

I am a wolf

I Wonder where the caribou herds are

I hear the sound of their stampeding hooves

I could see them run across the tundra

I want to hunt them down

I am a wolf

I pretend to be chasing the caribou with a pack of other wolves

I could feel the triumphal feeling after catching a caribou

I touch the tundra snow

I worry about being alone forever

I howl at the moon because I am alone with no pack

I am a wolf

I know that I will not forever be alone

I believe I am a strong brave wolf yet on the inside I am alone

I dream of being the leader of a big loyal pack

I try to hunt but little success for I am alone

I hope I will not be alone

I am a wolf


I stood there surrounded by five dark figures with their long sharp swords forged by dark magical metal drawn. I drew my sword from it’s brown leather scabbard and positioned it in front of me. The figures stepped out of the darkness. I could make out details of their clothing and how they looked,they wore strong iron amour scratched and worn with  dark black cloaks upon their shoulders draping down their hunched backs,their faces were dark, their eyes were unemotional. Suddenly the larger figure swung his massive sword upon me, I lifted my blade above me to block the warriors deadly weapon, but the force of his sword clanging to mine knocked me to the ground, all the figures rushed upon me slashing and stabbing their swords, I lifted my shield as their swords hammered upon it. One of the dark figures thrust through my shield and pierced my arm, I yelled in pain and started slashing my sword at their legs, they all jumped back the one figure leaving the blade in the shield, I quickly got up and painfully pulled out the sword from the shield. I charged at two warriors that were standing one in  front of the other and drove the dark sword through both of them and pinned them to a nearby tree, then I pulled out a long shiny dagger and threw it in the direction of a dark warrior and pierced it perfectly in the chest, I grabbed my bow off my shoulders and shot down three figures, then I grabbed my sword and spun around cleaving the last dark warrior.

Spring Forest

ForestSnap! A twig breaks under my foot creating a loud crack sending a small group of rabbits running in all directions, I shifted my grip on my sturdy wooden bow loading it with a sharp bronze tipped arrow with dark green and red feathers. I slowly advanced through the thick wood like a leopard unseen by any alert animal, my leaf-like clothing help with the camouflage, letting me glide through the forest without any stir. As I venture farther into the forest I stop at a glassy brook to refresh myself with its cool, clear water. After I’ve washed my hands I sit down leaning against a nearby tree with my bow and quiver at my side. I threw a few stones into the running water watching the rocks slowly sink to the bottom. Then I pulled out some string from my leather pack and tied it to a long stick and fastened a curved hook to the end of the string making a handmade fishing rod. Finally I cast it into the running stream, eased myself against the tree, and closed my eyes taking in the warm spring day.