The Dragons Hoard

The dragon’s asleep, inside his hoard

With treasures of gold, and jewels galore.

Armour and swords, shields and crowns

Piles of coins, stacked up in mounds.


A medieval short story

“Take that,” shouted Liam playfully swinging his wooden sword against the shield of his friend Glendel.

“You almost got me,” said Glendel dodging his friend’s blow. Liam quickly jumped onto a small wall which separated the Castle Garden from the Stable. Glendel performed a series of thrusts and cuts but Liam blocked every attack with his sword, then liam returned the favor thrust and cuts just like his friend Glendel did. Glendel did his best in blocking each blow and as he was he thought of a sly tick that make him victor of the sword fight. Just as Liam was finished his series of blows Glendel gave Liam a large shove, which caused Liam to lose his balance and fall into the garden fountain soaking Liam with cold water.

“I win this time Liam woodgate,” said Glendel smirking

“Just this once,” laughed Liam pulling himself out of the fountain and hopping over the wall beside Glendel.

“So what should we do next,”? Asked Glenden tossing his wood sword aside with Liam doing the same

“We should go visit the princess,” suggested Liam

“Ha,” Glendel laughed “you like her don’t you,”?

“No…well…sort of,” stuttered Liam blushing

“Well how would we be able to see her in the first place,” Glendel questioned

“I’ve got connections,” answered Liam proudly

“How,” Glendel doubted

“The princess and I are friends,” Liam shot back standing tall

“Nah,” snickered Glendel “let’s just do chariot races,”

“Ok,” greed Liam  “last one to the stable has to clean the horses hooves,” he shouted pushing Glendel  into a nearby bush running to the stable

“Hey I wasn’t ready,” Glendel called after Liam, but Liam just kept on running. Glendel laughed quietly as pulled himself out of the bush and dusted himself off.

“Your quite the character Liam Woodgate,” said Glendel to himself “quite the character,” then Glendel started running after Liam laughing.